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Our Completely Customizable After Glow Body And Lip Scrub is here to rescue your skin from years of damage from chemical overload!
Simply Pure By Salisha After Glow Sugar Scrub is guaranteed to leave behind only baby soft, silky feeling skin.  
Have you ever wondered how your favorite celebrity and super stars look so darn shiny on talk shows? It's in the shimmer!  Our After Glow Sugar Scrub will give you a warm, subtle glow.
  • Skin friendly silky Moroccan argan oil 
  • Preservative free
  • Baby soft skin from the very first use
  • Re-texturize dry, flaky skin
  • Instantly takes years off for younger and more plump looking skin
  • With nourishing olive and coconut oils
  • Free mini scooper spoon included 

Customize to your liking: Add colored shimmer and natural essential oils or completely unscented!

Ingredients: organic cane sugar, organic olive/sunflower oil, vitamin E, organic Moroccan argan oil, mineral color and shimmer, organic essential oils

Afterglow Polishing Sugar Scrub

SKU: 36d88972
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