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Are you looking for a glamorous candle as a valentine gift to give to your love? Are you willing to express your feeling of love to someone in the simplest and coziest way? Do you want to tell your love how much you love the hygge moments with him/her?

Our new valentine candle selections are by no means the cutest and the best option to bring more coziness to your Valentine by giving this candle to your soulmate. 


  • Made in Canada
  • Free Delivery to USA and Canada for any orders more than $70
  • handmade and 100% natural
  • Soy wax with essential oil
  • Slow-burning
  • Color: white
  • Smell: a mix of lavender and strawberry (the smell of love)
  • Variables: choose Dream or Love
  • Size: large Jar

Valentine Love Candle

SKU: 63e78e20
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